About Us

Stickflipper Archery was started by Rick Valdez, Shane Smith and Clint West. I was looking for a place to shoot in the Payson area and was approached by an individual who was looking for targets that he had some property for an outdoor range.

I started to make targets for the prospective shooting range but the gentlemans property fell through I was left with the targets that were already paid for and constructed. That is when Shane and I started looking for another location for an outdoor range. Shane located property in the Lehi area next to the Micron Plant. So with the help of a hand full of dedicated people in the spring of 2010 we got the shooting range up and running. Clint West came in to help set up the range and already had the name STICK FLIPPERS ARCHERY.

By the middle of summer 2010 we had a nice range set up and the members had a scenic place to shoot 7 days a week sun-up to sun-down. We had members and guests shooting bows and arrows and having fun doing so. Fun is the key word to getting kids and new members involved in shooting bows and arrows and enjoying the outdoors.

In July Mike Slinkard owner of MotionTargets, Winner Choice Bow Strings and H.E.C.S. called me about a motion target pop up system that he was shipping back from Texas he wanted to know if we were interested in getting one to go along with our outdoor range. Mike and I worked out an arraqngement. Then Shane and I without much planning if any started having shoots at the range in Lehi. We had 4 shoots that fall and learned how to set up the system and fiqured out ways to shoot it in the field. We got several new and experienced bow hunters involved in 3 D pop-ups.

After our last shoot of the 2010 season Clint and I met with the Mule Deer Foundation and Sportsman for Fishing and Wildlife about having a archery shot at the Western Hunting Conservation Expo in SLC. We worked out the details and the next thing we were setting up the pop-ups at the February 2011 show. With the help of good friends and support of great sponsors and outfitters we was able to have a successful shoot. The shoot went better than we expected and generated interest in future shoots and we were off and running. Over the next 6 months we had 2 shoots in St George, 4 shoots at the Lehi range, a shoot in Green River, Wyoming with White Mountain Archers in conjunction with their 3 D Spring shoot, a shoot in Ely, Nevada wtih Bristol Cone Bowman in conjunction with their triple crown shoot. Our next shoot was at Wasatch Wing and Clay Sporting Club in Cedar Fort. Then one more shoot in Lehi and finished up the year at the Summit County Fair.

We jumped right into an archery range and pop up system business overnight and have learned alot in a short amount of time and feel we can put a safe and fun shoot at just about any location where we have the room to do so. The bottom line is we have new archers and seasoned archers shooting bows and arrows and having fun doing so.

Just recently Stick Flippers has acquired a building for an indoor shooting range. We have refinished the interior of a 6500 square foot building added lighting, new heaters to make a comfortable place to shoot up to 40 yards. We will be shooting nightly and daily by appointment for the next 2 weeks to generate shooters for a 3 D competiton league, a 3 D fun league on a different night this will include an area set aside to have paper targets for competitive archery. At the end of 2 weeks we will start an 8 week league where everyone is welcome . We will have a seperate night set aside for kids to shoot with their own bows and arrows if your children do not have equipment we will supply the needed equipment. We will attempt to keep Saturdays open to make up league scores and offer open shooting for the public.

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