Lonesone Boar Adventures LLC

Lonesome Boar Adventures

Pipeline Ridge Hunting Reserve

Pipeline Ridge

Kiwi Safaris

KIWI Safairs

We offer only the very best in fair chase free range hunting on exclusive private properties, where outstanding trophies are regularly taken. We also offer the finest game ranch hunts on our exclusive hunting estates, for all game animals in New Zealand. We don’t just hunt one small property therefore limiting our client’s chance of taking the largest trophies

Mike Freeman
Phone: 64-3-357 4445
Fax: 64-3-357-4449

True-Life Taxidermy

True-Life Taxidermy

True Life Taxidermy

“Our superior craftmanship and design, brings the art of taxidermy to a level beyond imagination.”

Bob Vitro
Phone: 845-733-1313
Fax: 845-386-4202
Email: bob@truelifetaxidermy.com

Todd Loewen Outfitting

todd loewen outfitting

Todd Loewen
Phone: 1-800-272-8207
Email: tloewen@telusplanet.net