Bear Archery BR33 Compound Bow


Combining the silky smooth draw of a single cam with the performance of a hybrid, Bear Archery’s BR33 Bow sends arrows flying down range at speeds of up to 330 fps. Integrated grip and 4.2-lb. total wt. make this bow easy to handle. EAZ Hybrid cam provides a smooth draw cycle without sacrificing speed or efficiency. Advanced 7075 aluminum risers evenly distribute limb loads. Rubber inserts and bi-dimensionally adjustable offset string suppressors deaden any noise and vibration at the shot. Hinge guard reduces lateral torque while shooting. Bow only.
    • Launches arrows at speeds of up to 330 fps
    • Integrated grip and 4.2-lb. total wt. for easy handling
    • EAZ Hybrid cam for an incredibly smooth draw
    • Advanced 7075 aluminum risers for strength
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Realtree Camo, Desert Sand