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Shop our wide range of high quality archery equipment at the most affordable prices on the web!

Shooting Ranges

Stick Flipper Indoor Range

We offer both indoor and outdoor ranges for both the competitive and shoot for fun archer. We can provide a comfortable indoor or outdoor environment to meet your needs!

Rick V Hunts

For the past 25 years, Rick Valdez has been lucky to hunt Africa twice, taking twenty-five African animals, Alaska once, Canada three times, several Western States and all the Hawaiian Islands!  

Who We Are. What We Do

Stickflipper archery is located in Lake Shore, Utah. We have a pro shop with over 35 years experience working on bows and building arrows. We also the biggest selection of Bear bows in the state of Utah and on the web.

We have an indoor range that extends 35+ yards in which you can shoot over 70+ different 3D targets.  The other side of our facility is set up for shooting paper with targets that make for easy arrow pulls.


Stickflipper Archery shop is the best around when it comes to customer service and quality! We are going to have an amazing season thanks to Rick Valdez!
Stickflipper Archery
Ryan Ford
Rick down at Stickflipper Archery set a new PSE youth bow for my son Taylor tonight! My boys could spend hours down there shooting their bows!
Stickflipper Archery
Shellie Jones
Thank you to Rick at Stickflipper and his team, I LOVE my arrows. Rick is very seasoned on hunting dangerous game with bow and has set up many people for success around the globe.
Stickflipper Archery
Nancy Delfino
Second week of the archery shoot at Stickflipper archery! This 3D range is awesome! There are quite a few shots that really test your skills! Rick Fred Valdez definitely puts together a great range!
Stickflipper Archery
Cory Foster